SAP Web Dispatcher IP restriction

For a client I was investigating how to apply ip restriction to web services on Netweaver. I found out that ip filtering on webservice level ( in code ) was not an option so I investigated ip restriction on the Web dispatcher. This will only work if the NetWeaver AS Java is only connected to through the web dispatcher.

The following configuration has to be done on the webdispatcher to enable ip restriction:

1. Add the following line to your web dispatcher profile:
icm/HTTP/auth_0 = PREFIX=/,PERMFILE=permissions.txt

2. Create a permissions.txt file with the following format:
#P/D/S <URI pattern$gt; <USER> <GROUP> <CLIENT IP> <SERVER IP>

P /irj/* * * * *
P /webdynpro/* * * * *
P /wsnavigator/* * * * *
P /RestictedWebService/* * * *
P /sap/wdisp/admin/* * * *
D /* * * * *


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