Enabling OData service on SQL Anywhere 17

For a proof of concept I am doing for one of my customers I am installing SQL Anywhere 17 with the OData service enabled to be able to use SAPUI5 on top of the services. After installing SQL Anywhere and following the installation steps I kept running into a very poorly documented error when trying to start the OData service on Linux: “Cannot start OData”

An extensive investigation on internet brought me the following solution:

  1. Add the following environment variables to your .bash_profile:
    export SQLANY17
    export JAVA_HOME
  2. Create a startscript which first initializes the other environment variables and then starts your server (startsqla.sh):
    . /opt/sqlanywhere17/bin64/sa_config.sh
    dbsrv17 -xs “odata(ServerPort=8080;LogFile=sam_odata.txt;LogVerbosity=2)” equidb.db

This will point your start script to the right SQLA installation and JRE. After doing this I was able to finish the tutorial about using SQLAnywhere with the local Web IDE: http://www.msc-mobile.com/blog/how-to-use-sql-anywhere-as-odata-provider-to-build-a-ui5-app-with-the-local-web-ide


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